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This website will no longer be supported or updated!

This website has been available to Seniors for a number of years now. Recently we have focused our efforts in a completely different direction with an Oregon based Senior Newspaper, Oregon Senior News.

The following is a quick rundown of our new product;


Welcome To Oregon Senior News. Oregon’s Own Senior Newspaper with a unique perspective on your Senior News both yesterday and today! Oregon Senior News is a family-owned, Oregon based company, designed by a Senior, for Seniors. Isn’t it time someone thought of Seniors first? And what better way than in a newspaper publication like this, just for you! Oregon Senior News is also viewable on your tablet, and mobile devices, both iPhone and Android based. Take Oregon Senior News where ever you go!

Seniors are active, essential, and important members of our society and provided the foundation for this great nation. Seniors know how to use computers, conduct business, and construct beautiful and truly awesome handmade projects. We jet ski, climb mountains, travel the world, support our communities, raise our children and grandchildren, and continue to serve this great country. Seniors are our greatest undiscovered resource!

We appreciate your support as you help us to develop and grow with this unique publication.

Oregon Senior News Staff

January/February E-edition

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